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Hi Revolutionnaires – I hope you had an amazing week!

With everything going on with COVID-19 we’re not really sure when we’ll be able to host another event and I’ve been reminiscent of our MODE sustainable pop-ups lately. I thought it would be nice to share some highlights of the events, starting with the first one. I’ll tell you this, I never knew how stressful it would be and I totally questioned my reason to host a pop-up in the first place, but in the end it was completely worth it.

We hosted our first pop-up shop in local Miami eatery Novecento in their incredible Brickell terrace. Young professionals, fashionistas and sustainability-enthusiasts gathered to learn and shop, and more importantly to hang-out and to have a good time. DJ Leo Supra set the mood bringing Tulum vibes to Miami.

We exhibited apparel from more than 30 ethical and sustainable labels both US-based local brands and international brands from Latin America, Europe and Australia. We presented vintage, one-of-a-kind pants and jackets, organic cotton t-shirts, top quality dresses and blouses, beautiful accessories made from conscious materials including vegan leather and recycled plastic. Our main goal with the event was to get our community interested in becoming more informed as consumers and as members of the society, while inspiring conversation around sustainability.

We counted on the participation of local organizations and sponsors which inspire us including The Full Edit a local company that will organize, purge & style your closet, Lean Orb which creates disposable tableware at the lowest environmental cost possible, and Unlitter a local Miami movement to show respect for Planet Earth. Our main sponsor, Novecento, did a beautiful job in keeping guests happy with complementary specialty cocktails designed for the event and with delicious bites from their menu. The three cocktails had an inspiration in nature and sustainability: the Upcycled Enchilado, the Rainforest Mule, and the Green and Tonic.

Our own MODE tees from our first collection Revolt were launched that day. They are made from 100% GOTS certified organic cotton and ethically manufactured in California.  Many times we hear the word “organic” and we think it’s a buzz word or we don’t know what it means. Here’s a little 101 on the main difference between conventional and organic cotton:

Conventional cotton usually comes into contact with a range of chemicals and potentially dangerous materials. These chemicals can lead to skin irritation and diseases, bring up other health issues, and cause extensive damage to soil and water (contamination). Not to mention the regions where the cotton crops are being grown are being robbed of their fresh water supply. On the other hand, organic cotton is grown without any chemical insecticides or synthetic fertilizers (meaning it’s better for your health) and runoff won’t have a negative impact on rivers and local water systems. Cotton overall is a controversial material because of the amount of water needed to produce it there are more sustainable alternatives, however, when given the choice organic does make a huge difference for farmers, yourself and the Earth.

Stay tuned to hear about our second pop-up another day…I leave you with some pictures of the event.


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