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Salut Révolutionnaires!

Summer is already here (we can definitely tell by this fervent Miami heat...) and we thought of sharing with you some ideas as to how to be more conscious with our mother Earth this summer. Some of you might already be doing a lot of these things (you're so awesome), but for those who are just getting started (you're also awesome), we leave you with some practical tips or reminders:

Walk to nearest nail salon or favorite neighborhood restaurant

Many of us use our cars to go basically everywhere! Why not start walking to your nearest destinations? Using your legs more regularly will not only help the environment but also help you live a more active lifestyle. 

BYOB to the supermarket

Bring your own produce bags (check these ones out) and also shopping bags. Even if there are several supermarkets that use recycled plastic bags, they are still made of plastic. Plastic is dangerous to the environment to wildlife and to people in other ways as well since it isn’t biodegradable and it keeps piling up. FYI plastic is also entering our food stream.  

Refuse plastic straws all summer

Thank you but no thank you! 

Shop reusable face masks

During this unprecedented times, we have to stay safe…  disposable face masks are creating so much waste. Plus, some of these sustainable face masks look go so much better with your outfit! Consider it your new summer accessory.

Shop local

This is not only about supporting local businesses that you know and love but also about reducing your carbon footprint from shipping/transport. 

Exchange clothes with your friends

Why throw away something that is in good condition? The clothing industry is one of the dirtiest industries in the world as it causes unimaginable amounts of pollution. Instead, exchange clothing pieces with your girlfriends, I’m sure someone will give love to that floral top that you haven't used in forever. As a result, you will help the planet and might find your favorite new gem in someone else's closet instead of a store. You can even throw a whole clothes swap rendezvous and make it a lit get-together with your best (dressed) friends. 

Buy a stainless steel water bottle

Plastic is not only harmful to the environment but also for your health...

A big plus of stainless steel helps keep the water at a cold or cold temperature than plastic bottles. For this hot summer, carrying these bottles are ideal to hydrate yourself and having your cold water for longer.

Eat vegan once or twice per week this summer

Did you know about 18% of human-cased greenhouse gas emissions are caused by animal agriculture? A vegan diet can really help us lower our environmental footprint.

Do you think going full-on vegan is hard? It can definitely feel this way for many of us. That being said, doing it on a weekly basis is not that bad. It will also make you very aware of what you normally eat and also become more in-tune with your body and nutrition. 


Hopefully you will keep some of these habits after summer ends (we hear it takes 21 days to break any old habits or get into new ones). Anyways, we think it is best if you start with a smaller goal in mind. A summer seems easier than a lifetime. 

If you have any ideas that you find simple and easy to follow for those who are getting started, please send us a DM or a message. We'd love to hear them!

1 comment

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