I’m so excited to tell you about a recent collaboration with world record winner and badass babe, Stefi Cohen. She’s one of my long-time best friends and I’ve been dying to work with Stefi and show a different side of her.

So Stefi is basically a superstar in the powerlifting community with 25x all time world records, she’s also a very successful entrepreneur behind her fitness/coaching brand The Hybrid Performance Method, she’s a highly-accomplished academic and science fanatic. I also love, love, love her podcast Hybrid Unlimited (I was actually invited on Eps 37 if you’re up for some girl talk). Stefi is literally the definition of a BOSS…I’m not a huge fan of the whole “girl boss” expression but she’s definitely one though!

Many times, being a high-performance athlete just like in many other disciplines, people are pretty quick to put you in a box. Probably many go to athletes for fitness advise and inspiration, and they are missing out on so much more these people have to offer. In Stefi’s case, I’ve lately been paying attention to her sense of style and I’ve been fantasizing of exploiting it. As a public figure and personality, having a distinguished fashion sense is putting Stefi in a whole new category.

At MODE, one of our main objectives is to empower people and empower communities through fashion. This was the perfect opportunity to collaborate with an already powerful person and bring out the best version of herself by choosing the right pieces that brought out that next-level confidence which Stefi already has. We chose products from our platform that are unique like her, pieces that would make her feel comfortable and aligned with who she is inside.

The vibe for the shoot was “elevated street-style”, very distinctive and comfortable at the same time. For the most part each look featured one piece from the Claudia Gontovnik collection. In a world saturated with production and toxicity, this designer repurposes and maximizes the beauty of the discarded by creating one-of-a-kind pieces that become a statement for her and for the person who chooses to wear it. We also chose frames from the Cibelle Eyewear collection which are meant to empower by using sustainable high-quality materials that are not plastic. The glasses are handcrafted in Italy and they are meant to make you feel beautiful and confident, versus traditional optical glasses which tend to be blander. Besides these two collections, the shoot featured additional products including:

Rimini Shorts Mint: sustainable, 100% organic cotton (certified), comfy and perfect for summer.

Etoile Thread Earrings: Gina Cueto design, made ethically in Miami with at least 60% recycled 14k gold.

Etoile Studs: charm version of the thread earrings.

Flower Ear Cuff: Jetlagmode’s modern ear cuffs made with sustainable materials such as recycled brass mixed with silver / Gold-plated 24K.


By: Cindy Hassan


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