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We want to share with you an interview by one of our featured brands, JETLAGMODE to our founder Cindy. I think it's a great chance for you to get to know Cindy a little better and why she started MODE. We hope you enjoy it! 



+ JETLAGMODE: 1. Where do you come from and what is your background.

+ MODE REVOLUTION:  I am Venezuelan, Jewish, half Egyptian and half European of origin. I've lived in Miami for 10 years and I consider myself a citizen of the world, even if it sounds cliche. I love to travel, to connect with interesting people and to get to know different cultures, I love to grow as a person and share with others.

I come from a very different background to the world of fashion. My studies and experiences are in finance and international business. I started my career at a global financial institution and later on I accepted an executive position at an educational organization in which I am still involved. 

  1. + J: Why do you do what you do

+ MR: I always loved fashion. For me fashion is an art, as we can be a canvas every day when we dress. The idea of ​​combining this passion with my desire to promote a world full of love and harmony fills me with positive energy.

+ J: How to start and what to inspire

+ MR: In 2018 I connected with a spiritual and sensitive part of me that I did not know before, that led me to the world of sustainability, discovering everything that we can improve in the fashion industry. In parallel, I discovered brands, designers and entrepreneurs who want to make a change and inspired me to bring the MODE Revolution project to life. For those of us who do not know us, we are an online boutique with more than 30 ethical and sustainable brands. We offer curated modern, unique and special brands with a focus on design and quality. My mission with MODE is to make people fall in love with sustainability, the stories behind our brands, our products, and most importantly, to make them fall in love with themselves.

MODE launched in September 2019 through our first Pop-Up in Miami and our second event was in December of the same year. With the events we have created a space where both brands and users can live, share and enjoy. Spectacular local brands such as JETLAGMODE and international brands from Latin America, Europe, Australia and other US cities participated in the events.

We also were fortunate to partner up with sponsors who support us in our mission, including Suviche and Novecento brands who kindly offered their spaces, food and cocktails for our events. Other sponsors, in the culinary industry, included Miami's best acai bar, Almalibre, Bunnie Cakes with their delicious vegan cupcakes in earth-shape form special for the MODE Pop-Up, and Coconut Cartel along with Coco & Co with a wonderful cocktail served in a custom coconut.

In the sustainability area we have the participation of very special local organizations: The Upcycle Project, Lean Orb and Unlitter, they want to bring awareness to the community in different variables such as pollution, waste, problems with plastic, etc.

The cosmetic and skin care products brand Baiser Beauty also participated in the Pop-Up, they focus on our holistic well-being and highlighting our internal beauty. The Baiser girls did some cards reading and this was a lot of fun.

An important part for us as a sustainable platform is promoting reuse. This is why we invited the super stylist and influencer Gabriela Medina, who sent pieces of her wardrobe for sale during the event through a "closet sale". These events have been very exciting!

+ J: What has been the most rewarding thing about being an entrepreneur (a significant anecdote for you)

+ MR: The most gratifying thing has been hearing from family and friends how they have gotten inspired to live a more conscious life thanks to MODE or thanks to conversations we have had. From changes in their lifestyles to changes in their business and inspiration to create sustainable brands.

An anecdote; was last year at a large family dinner. My mom is the least “eco” person that exists, and instead of using plastic dishes as usual, she changed to biodegradable and “compostable” dishes (apparently this word does not exist!). She asked me to tell our family and friends about the importance of this change.

This for me is priceless.

+ J: How is your creative process

+ MR: This is an aspect in which I have to improve a lot. I really work with super creative people who complement me. In my case, creativity comes sporadically and when it happens it feels incredible but can't find a way to "force it".

+ J: How has your experience of starting your own business?

+ MR: If I had to summarize it in one word, it would be learning. Entrepreneurship is much more difficult than it seems. Something I recently heard about a fairly successful company was something like: "It doesn't get any easier, so enjoy the ride." I think that is the most important lesson, especially for me that I have always been focused on results and the process of starting my own business has given me countless life lessons.

+ J: What do you dream of doing when the doors of the world open again

+ MR: Travel!  

+ J: What conclusion or at change do you think it is necessary to make in your company after the great lesson COVID taught us?

+ MR: Just before COVID happened, I had been digging deeper into digital marketing and how to lead traffic to our e-commerce, COVID demonstrated that this is a priority. Of course, we don't want to do it without enough clarity because they can be very expensive mistakes. 

+ J: When you think of Jetlagmode, what is the first thing that comes to your mind?

+ MR: Love, life, color.

+ J: For you, which of our pieces is the TOP one from our current collection and what would be the outfit you would wear it with?

+ MR: Earrings: Colorful Garden Earrings (Jetlagmode)

Top: Crop Top Cancun Neoprene White (Jan N June in MODE Revolution)
Bottom: Decotropic Wrap Maxi Skirt (SIGAL in MODE Revolution)
Handbag: Kamoni Beige (No Name Just People in MODE Revolution)


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